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Art of Fire Project

2015 Update: This year's Common Ground 2015 Art Biennial Trip to Cuba will feature The Art of Fire Project!

The Art of Fire Project (Proyecto Arte del Fuego) was a ceramic residency project bringing together professional clay artists from Cuba, the US, Canada, Europe and Central and South America. The project ran from 2002-2008. The project artists were cultural ambassadors sharing artistic techniques and ideas.

The program's goals were to : 1) Promote Peace and Friendship through the universal language of art; 2) Place technical expertise at the service of art in order to provide a working environment that facilitated the creative process; and 3) generate educational programs that would reach out to sectors of the community often excluded from the mainstream.

There were a number of exhibits and residency programs during the six years of the program. The culminating exhibit for the project was at the Fullercraft in Massachutes in 2009. There is still Cuban artwork for sale from this project. See pieces here>

Learn more about Catherine's Art of Fire Project (Proyecto Arte del Fuego.)>

Beyond the Embargo
Beyond the Embargo Exhibit - June 11 - October 18, 2009 ~ Fullercraft Museum

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