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Press about Catherine Merrill, her Artwork, and the Art of Fire Project

Redwood City Gallery Highlights Ceramic Artists
by Regina Anavy
Suite101.com, April 8, 2011
Forging a New Dialogue
by Cate McQuaid
Boston Globe, June 19, 2009
Catherine Merrill's Language of Everywoman
The Figurative Artbeat
by Alice Stroppel, 2009
Arte del Fuego en Matanzas
by Dania Camacho Puñales Lic. Historia del Arte Artenas
El Portal de la Cultura Matancera, March 2008

Granma Cultural
May 2006

Juventud, Santiago, Cuba
September 16, 2005
Isla de la Juventud, Santiago, Cuba
September 24, 2005
Surrey/North Delta Leader
Sunday, August 15, 2005
Granma, Santiago, Cuba
September 24, 2005
20 Years of Ceramics in Cuba
New Ceramics, Issue 1, Jan/Feb 07
International Ceramists Pay Homage to Jose Marti in Cuba
April 2005
Cuba, Das Projekt - Die Kunst Des Feuers
by Zwei Blickwinkel
Neue Keramik, March/April 2004
Catherine Merrill's Dance of Opposities
by Laura Cera
Ceramics Art & Perception, Issue 36 1999
Art of Fire Brochure
Proyecto Arte del Fuego (Espanol)
Art of Fire (English)

Articles by Catherine Merrill about Cuban Ceramics

Come Hell or High Water; The Miracle of Clay and Love in Cuba
by Catherine Merrill
Terracotta Magazine, Vol 1, No 3, April 2007
Catherine Merrill, Landscapes of the Human Heart
by Catherine Merrill & Laura Cera
Neue Kreamik, No 2, 2007
Symbolism and Surrealism - The 2006 Ceramics Biennale Amelia Pelaez in Havana, Cuba
by Catherine Merrill
Terracota Magazine, Vol 1, No 2, January 2007
Limited Resources
Cuban Ceramic Artists Create Art from Scrap

by Catherine Merrill
Clay Times, Vol 12, No 5, Sept/Oct 2006
Beyond the Embargo, Cuba Collaborations
by Panel on Cuba at the 2004 NCECA Symposium
NCECA Journal, 2004

Cuba From the Inside
by Catherine Merrill
Studio Potter Network News, June 2002

Cuban American Culutural Exchange
by Catherine Merrill
The Studio Potter, December 2001

Art in Cuba - Then and Now
by Catherine Merrill
The Studio Potter, June, 2000
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