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About Catherine

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Since the time of the ancient cave paintings of Europe, people have depicted the world through art as a spiritual element to help them understand birth, death and the events of their lives, from the every day to the mysteries of the unknown. In recent years, my work has become increasingly narrative telling stories using form, line and color. These personal stories are projected onto live models with whom I work in a spirit of creative collaboration. As the viewer engages with the work of art, he sees the reflection of his own story through the universal language of art. Sometimes, mysteriously, these pieces turn out to be prophetic, describing through symbols and allegory events that have not yet taken place.

I believe that the universe is a balance of opposites: to see light there must be darkness; destruction is necessary for creation. However, in these times of global conflict, we are living in a world out of balance and the greater community needs its artists as never before. The role of the artist and of art in our world is an essential force for healing and change

Catherine working in her SF studio

Catherine working in her SF studio


Catherine Merrill's work explores the human figure and has been shown in over 150 national and international exhibitions. She has been published in Ceramics Art & Perception, the Studio Potter, New Ceramics, Contemporary American Pottery, the NCECA Journal, CLAY TIMES and Terracotta Magazine. Merrill has presented numerous workshops and lectures at colleges and art centers in the US, Canada, Argentina and Cuba. She has been awarded the Jose Maria Heredia Medal of Honor for her contribution to Cuban culture, grants from the Laila Art Fund, the Puffin Foundation and the North-West Ceramics Foundation as well as residencies in Hawaii, Cuba, Argentina and Canada. She was a presenter at the 2003 NCECA Conference. Merrill received her BFA in Ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute under Ken Ferguson.

For more information, see Catherine's Exhibit Resume and Articles. You can also download Catherine's Resume in a PDF Format